In large complexes such as condominiums, hotels, hospitals, businesses, and other facilities, as well as in large residences, the effectiveness and safety of heating systems are of paramount importance. To ensure proper operation and minimize the risks of malfunctions or damage, regulation and safety thermostats are used.

Applications of regulation and safety thermostats

Regulation thermostats are designed to maintain the water temperature inside the boiler within certain limits, ensuring optimal system operation. On the other hand, safety thermostats constantly monitor the system and intervene in case of overheating situations, thereby helping to prevent damage and ensure safety.

Why are they called boxed or encased thermostats?

These thermostats are often referred to as “boxed” or “encased” due to their design, which includes a protective container for the sensitive element. This container, equipped with a waterproof and resistant protection sheath, provides greater safety and protection against water and dust. It is the system designer who decides which type of thermostat to install, based on specific needs and environmental conditions.

Legal requirements in Italy

In Italy, the installation and maintenance of heating systems are regulated by specific laws and regulations aimed at ensuring user safety and reducing environmental impacts. For example, Italian law requires periodic maintenance of heating systems and the use of regulation and safety devices compliant with current regulations. It is important for property owners and condominium administrators to comply with these requirements to ensure the proper functioning of the systems and the safety of occupants.

Classification of regulation and safety thermostats

These devices can be classified based on the type of installation (immersion probe or contact) and the functions they perform (regulation, safety, or both). Some IMIT products have obtained INAIL certification, which means they are approved for use in central heating systems in Italy without further field testing.

Heating systems require reliable and robust devices. IMIT offers a wide range of thermostats designed to meet the specific needs of different applications.

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