Temperature regulation and protection instruments (capillary thermostats and safety limiters), their derivatives (boxed thermostats and limiters) and related accessories (thermometers, manometers, thermomanometers, knobs, springs, sheaths, etc.) are widespread in many industrial applications.

Thermostats and safety limiters, whether boxed or not, are generally made up of three fundamental components:

  1. Sensitive element: such as, for example, mechanical sensor and probe, electronic sensor and NTC-PTC probe, bimetallic sensor, etc., usually filled with a diathermic fluid (oil, gas, waxes, powders) that has an expansion or reduction constant for a constant temperature variation.
  2. Actuator element: microswitch, relay, TRIAC, etc., designed to manage the power supply of an appliance, depending on the power required (max voltage and current)
  3. Adjustment element: cam and pin, trimmer, adjustment screw, etc., which must be designed in such a way as to allow the appliance to cover the operating range requested by the customer

Applications for thermostats and safety limiters

Thermostats and industrial safety limiters are commonly defined as “Automatic electrical controls for household appliances and similar uses”. These devices, in fact, are generally intended to be integrated into other appliances and their construction is regulated by a harmonized European standard (EN 60730‐1 and second applicable part).

Among the applications that most require the use of these devices, we find:

  • Gas boilers
  • Condensing boilers
  • Oil boilers and burners
  • Wood boilers
  • Pellet boilers and stoves
  • Electric and gas water heater tanks and storage tanks in general
  • Sandwich machines, hot plates and similar appliances
  • Showcases and refrigerated counters
  • Instrument sterilizers
  • Fixed and portable air conditioners, of small and medium power

IMIT produces capillary thermostats TR2, TRZ and LS1/LS3 safety regulators: for over 40 years, among our best-selling products!

Applications for boxed thermostats and safety limiters

These types of products are similar to capillaries, but are defined as boxed, because what differentiates them is the case that protects the sensitive element from water and/or dust, equipped with a watertight, high resistance and with IP protection degree suitable for the installation environment, and often also integrate a knob for immediate temperature control.

Among the applications that most require the use of boxed devices, we find:

  • Thermal centrals
  • Oil fired boilers and burners (in some applications)
  • Electric and gas water heater tanks and storage tanks in general
  • Showcases and refrigerated counters
  • Greenhouses, livestock farms, food premises, fruit and vegetable storage
  • Hot air generators

In the range of boxed thermostats and safety limiters, IMIT offers:

  • TC2: IP40 regulation thermostat with immersion probe, also available in a capillary version
  • ETR/ESL: IP54 regulation thermostat with immersion probe, particularly suitable for environments with a high degree of pollution
  • LSC1: IP40 safety thermostat with immersion probe
  • TCS: IP40 safety thermostat, with immersion probe
  • TLSC: IP40 regulation and safety thermostat, with immersion probe
  • BRC: IP20 regulation contact thermostat
  • TCR: IP40 regulation contact thermostat
  • TTCA: regulation thermostat for hot air generators

In particularly dusty environments, such as greenhouses, stables, industrial plants or when exposed to bad weather, we offer these special regulation thermostats:

  • TAE/S: IP 54 electronic regulation thermostat
  • ERT/TA: IP40 – IP54 regulation thermostat

IMIT thermostats and safety limiters

Each IMIT industrial thermostat is produced and certified according to the highest international standards: CE, ENEC, PED, TUV, UL, CSA, EAC, DIN, and some of the boxed products have obtained the INAIL (formerly ISPELS) certification, to be used in thermal power plants with the advantage of not requiring further field tests. In addition, IMIT products are approved for use on equipment for the US and Canadian markets.

To find out more, browse our website and download our catalog. For further requests or commercial information about our products for industry, send an email to info@imit.it. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.