With regulation and safety thermostats we refer to those devices used for the management and control of centralized thermal systems, necessary for heating and/or for the production of domestic hot water in large structures such as buildings, hotels, hospitals, companies, structures accommodation, but also large homes.

Applications of regulation and safety thermostats

The regulation thermostats, in particular, regulate water temperature inside the boiler, while the safety ones monitor the system and come into operation if the boiler overheats, reducing the risk of breakdowns and considerable damage.

This type of thermostats can be used, more generally, to control the temperatures of fluids in various applications, such as boilers, hot pressure washers, steam generators for professional ironing, since they act on a temperature range that varies from -35 ° C. at 180 ° C, depending on the model.

For this reason, regulation thermostats can also find application in industrial refrigerators or large refrigeration systems.

Why are they also called boxed thermostats?

These types of products are often called boxed, because what differentiates them from traditional thermostats is the case that protects the sensitive element from water and/or dust, equipped with a watertight, high-resistance protective pocket with IP protection degree suitable for the installation environment.

It’is not the end user, in fact, but the system designer who evaluates which type of product to install, based on conditions and needs.

Classification of regulation and safety thermostats

Usually this type of device is classified by type of installation, whether with immersion probe or contact. They can have the function of regulation only, safety limitation only or both functions in a single product.

INAIL certification

Some of the following IMIT products have obtained INAIL (formerly ISPELS) Italian certification to be used in thermal power plants with the advantage of not requiring further field tests to certify the system. Find out more by clicking on the names listed below.

IMIT regulation and safety thermostats with immersion probe

These devices in our range can regulate heating systems and/or the production of domestic hot water:

  • TC2: IP40 regulation thermostat, also available in a capillary version
  • ETR/ESL: IP54 regulation thermostat, particularly suitable for environments with a high degree of pollution
  • LSC1: IP40 safety thermostat
  • TCS: IP40 safety thermostat
  • TLSC: IP40 regulation and safety thermostat

IMIT regulation and safety contact thermostats

These devices in our range can regulate heating systems and/or the production of domestic hot water:

  • BRC: IP20 regulation thermostat
  • TCR: IP40 regulation thermostat

Special regulation thermostats

This type of thermostats are suitable for regulating the room temperature (like a “classic” room thermostat) in particularly dusty environments, such as greenhouses, stables, industrial plants or when exposed to bad weather.

  • TAE/S: IP 54 electronic regulation thermostat
  • ERT/TA: IP40 – IP54 regulation thermostat

Furthermore, in our range there is also a solution designed for hot air generators heating systems:

  • TTCA: regulation thermostat for hot air generators

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