All IMIT products are certified according to the EN 60730 standard, as we have already seen with regard to the number of controls that guarantee the quality of our production processes.

In September 2019, the CEI published in Italian the guide CEI 72-2 CEI EN 60730-1: 2019-09 entitled “Automatic electrical control devices – Part 1: General rules”, which passed the previous version of 2013, acknowledging and translating the analogous European legislation.

What does EN 60730 provide

Basis of the EN 60730 series, in detail: “it applies to automatic electrical control and command devices intended to be used inside or in association with appliances for domestic and similar use”, such as thermostats, chronothermostats and all our mechanical and electronic thermoregulation products, regardless of whether the destination uses electricity or solar thermal energy, gas, oil or solid fuel, individually or combined.

In addition, this standard is also applicable “to control devices for building automation that fall within the scope of the ISO 16484 standard, to individual control devices used as part of a control system or which are mechanically integrated with multifunctional controls. having non-electrical outputs ”and“ automatic electrical control devices for equipment intended for use by inexperienced persons ”. The standard also applies to relays when they are used for the control function in equipment falling within the scope of the CEI EN 60335-1 Standard, in addition to the additional requirements for the safety and operating values ​​contained in the Regulatory Annex U .

As in the previous version, EN 60730 does not apply, however, to control devices intended exclusively for industrial process applications, unless specifically mentioned in the specific equipment standard taken into consideration.

The application of EN 60730

As regards the application of the standard, in addition to the controls required by EN 60730-1, all products undergo the tests of the required subgroups, based on the type of product. In the case of IMIT: EN 60730-1: 2016 + A1: 2019; EN 60730-2-9: 2019 + A1: 1019 + A2: 2020 and EN 60730-2-7: 2020.

The innovations introduced

As mentioned above, the standard completely exceeds the CEI EN 60730-1: 2013-03 standard by introducing the following changes:

  • Change of title and scope
  • Update of art. H.26 in Annex H on the requirements for immunity from electromagnetic phenomena
  • Modification of Table H.12 relating to the test values ​​for the verification of voltage dips and interruptions in order to bring it into line with the CISPR 22 standard;
  • Update of Annex J regarding the failure modes of the thermistors and to exclude from the tests the thermistors used in combination with type 1 control devices in low power SELV circuits;
  • Updating the scheme of Annex E by aligning it with that of the CEI EN 60990 standard;
  • New requirements for battery-powered controllers and added or changed requirements for switching power supplies, devices with remotely operated control functions and temperature sensitive controllers.

Compliance and implementation of European standards in the production chain guarantees safety and reliability to our customers, making IMIT a company capable of meeting all the requirements of the sector.

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