Today we want to talk to you about an aspect of our work that makes us particularly proud: quality.

Quality controls in IMIT

Every day, in IMIT, an average of 20 batches of raw materials are checked. Each check can also include a dozen different visual, dimensional and functional tests on the incoming components, and further checks during the different working phases.

Not only are the ones carried out by the Quality Department, but a real culture of self-control has been established by the Production operators, from the stages of the semi-finished product to the finished product. For example, each of our products leaves the factory 100% checked for the calibration range, which is accompanied by a statistical precision control at the output. Our philosophy is to intercept “non-compliance” in the early stages, to provide safe products aligned with customer expectations, also to limit waste or unnecessary processing on an unsuitable product that could generate problems in later stages.

For this reason, in addition to the numerous approvals obtained in Italy and abroad, for many years here at IMIT we have known that to ensure high standards of safety and reliability, not only the quality of the finished product is important, but that of the entire work processes.

UNI EN ISO 9001 system certifications: first in our sector

The certifications can cover both single products and the entire company system. Early in 1991, we were the first in our sector to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 Company Quality System certification, which certifies how our work processes are designed in compliance with harmonized standards and the requirements that an “ideal system” must possess. In practice, how can you “work well”, from all points of view. In September 2003, IMIT also obtained certification to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, and, in June 2018, the renewal in the ISO 9001:2015 version.

If in previous editions the focus was on customer satisfaction thanks to a robust technical / production system, the adaptation to the 2015 revision has expanded the focus to all potentially interested parties (customers, suppliers, authorities, local companies …), with staff involvement and training as a key factor in satisfying and motivating our employees.

Product certifications

The product certifications and approvals, on the other hand, identify the finished product: the bodies responsible for checking that the product is always made following the same procedure, according to precise requirements and specifications, which may concern both the construction materials and the phases of the process. The body then checks over time that the standards are met.

The PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) Certification, for example, responds to the directive 2014/68/EU issued by the European Community and is essential in any system with parts and equipment that work under pressure. All our products for mechanical and electronic thermoregulation, on the other hand, comply with the ENEC EN 60730 directive, verified by IMQ. Some of our products, in particular the safety limiters and capillary regulation thermostats or some boxed thermostats for heating systems, have passed the INAIL (formerly ISPELS) certification in order to be used in thermal power plants in Italy with the advantage of not requiring further tests to certify the plant in Italy.

Almost all of our products, even electronic ones, are DIN certified for the Russian market. And the safety limiters and capillary regulation thermostats have obtained UL certification, which is essential for exporting to the United States and DIN certification for the German market. This means that if our customers intend to export their product with one of our components inside, they will have more guarantees that the verification can be successful, as the IMIT products are already approved and certified by the various bodies, as happens for conformity certifications of boilers or other applications.

To conclude, in the field of home thermoregulation, IMIT is also able to meet all the requirements of the legislation in force, being equipped with the most important certifications of the sector.

The international certifications available to IMIT represent further confirmation of the high build quality, safety and complete compliance of the product with the needs of users, in the most diverse conditions of use: all IMIT products are subjected to checks by a third party, in order to prove full compliance with the applicable directives.

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