By thermal central or thermal power plant, we mean the room where one or more heat generators, such as boilers, are installed. Specifically for Italy, if several boilers are installed in the same room, the respective kW add up and, if they exceed 35 kW, the boiler room becomes in effect a “thermal power plant”.

The devices installed in the thermal central contribute to the correct management and control of systems for heating and/or for the production of domestic hot water, both in large homes, but above all in large structures such as condominiums, hotels, hospitals, companies, accommodation facilities, etc.

Regulation and safety thermostats for the thermal central

Among these devices, there are also regulation thermostats, responsible for the temperature of the water inside the boiler, and safety thermostats, which come into operation in the event of the boiler overheating, to reduce potential failures and consequent risks.

What differentiates this type of thermostats from traditional thermostats is the container with IP protection degree, able to protect the sensitive element from water and/or dust, and for this reason they are also called boxed.

These devices can be in contact, i.e. applicable on pipes, or with immersion probes and can have the function of regulation only, safety limitation only or both functions, depending on the model chosen.

In the IMIT range, the following models are available, divided according to type.

Regulation and safety contact thermostats

  • BRC: IP20 regulation thermostat
  • TCR: IP40 regulation thermostat

Regulation thermostats with immersion probe

  • TC2: IP40 regulation thermostat, also available in a capillary version
  • ETR/ESL: IP54 regulation thermostat, particularly suitable for environments with a high degree of pollution

Safety thermostats with immersion probe

  • LSC1: IP40 safety thermostat
  • TCS: IP40 safety thermostat

Regulation and safety thermostats with immersion probe

  • TLSC: IP40 regulation and safety thermostat

Special regulation thermostats

Our range also includes a solution designed for heating systems with hot air generators:

  • TTCA: regulation thermostat for hot air generators

INAIL certification for thermal central

Some of our IMIT products have obtained INAIL certification. This allows them to be used in thermal power plants, without further tests to certify the system.

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