As for the winter season, preparing the home or office for the arrival of summer is a good habit that each of us should set in the calendar. Some small tricks, in fact, can allow us to better enjoy the summer, without nasty surprises when the cold arrives!

Why take care of it now?

Right now we want to enjoy the sunny days, it’s true, but let’s not forget that the temperatures are still acceptable and that, when they get hot, we will only have in mind to enjoy the well-deserved holidays!

The advantages of preparing the house for summer

The following tips will allow you to spend the hottest months of the year in a cooler home, preventing any damage or breakdowns, and limiting any interventions by technicians when restarting the systems.

The 10 tips from the comfort experts

  1. Check the heating system before switching off: the time has come to give the system a break, setting the boiler to produce hot water only. Before doing so, however, we advise you to check for any pressure drops inside the pipes and pumps, or traces of deterioration, which would prevent an efficient circulation of water inside the radiators, perhaps with the support of a specialized technician. This allows you to arrive in winter with the system healthy, taking advantage of the system shutdown for replacement or maintenance, which are more problematic in the winter months. We also remind you that the periodic check of the boiler is required by law. It is also possible to install a magnetic dirt separator, to eliminate all the ferrous particles dangerous for the plant, available on Amazon.
  2. Set the thermostats in summer mode: unless you live in particularly cold areas, we recommend that you set your thermostats or chronothermostats in summer mode or off. This will preserve the life of the batteries and limit the wear of the internal components, which will no longer send signals to the boiler unnecessarily, perhaps for variations of a few decimal places.
  3. Program the chronothermostat in air conditioning mode: if, on the other hand, your thermostat also manages the air conditioning system, set it in the correct mode and check that the time schedule is in line with your habits. To purchase a new IMIT chronothermostat capable of managing heating and cooling, click here, or if you have lost the instruction manual, we remind you of our dedicated site Then, if you want to replace the old thermostat, we recommend this blog post.
  4. Check the cooling and air conditioning system: as with boilers, maintenance of air conditioners has also been mandatory by law since 2014. In addition to avoiding fines, the advantages of carrying out proper maintenance of air conditioning systems are numerous. Cleaning the filters, sanitizing, and overhauling the system allows cleaner air to circulate, especially in the sleeping area, and allows for an energy-efficient air conditioning system, as well as checking that there are no refrigerant gas leaks.
  5. Dehumidify the rooms: with the heating off, it is easy for some areas of the house, such as closets, taverns, or cellars, no matter how cool, can accumulate humidity. If the situation persists for months, mold and limestone deposits can be created, capable of ruining the furniture, but also creating more substantial damage to the walls. This is why it is useful to dehumidify the rooms, even if only by arranging special devices with salt tablets in the areas most at risk.
  6. Choose light curtains and light fabrics: fabrics can also contribute to the comfort of an environment. The white and filtering curtains, in fact, reflect the light and do not attract the sun’s rays, but also a sofa or cushion cover in linen or cotton remain cooler in contact with the skin, as well as being easily washable. With this change of look, you can take the opportunity to wash winter linings and blankets, sanitizing them, freeing them from mites and other pests, for a healthier winter.
  7. Install awnings: to keep the interior cool, another tip is to protect the windows from the beating sun by installing an awning, preferably in shielding fabric. This solution will also save electricity, allowing you to use the air conditioner or fans less. 
  8. Check the windows: check that the windows close perfectly and that the protective sheaths are intact, even under the doors. Remember, in fact, that in addition to optimizing the operation of the air conditioner, even when the days return and colder, the drop in temperature of one degree in an environment can increase consumption by up to 8% and that an icy draft while working or sitting on a warm sofa is not pleasant!
  9. Insulate the roof: with summer rain and thunderstorm, the tiles can move, break, and in the cold, they can turn into infiltrations… So check the roof for damage, taking advantage of state incentives for any extraordinary maintenance.
  10. Do it yourself: although we recommend always contacting a qualified professional for overhauls of the appliances and for interventions on them, you could take advantage of the beautiful days to carry out small maintenance and DIY, such as cleaning the radiators, the refurbishment of windows, etc. that otherwise you would continue to postpone! There are many things that can be done to improve the system for the winter, including assessing the performance of your boiler, for a possible replacement.

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