HARP is a European Union project, one of the initiatives funded by the Horizon 2020 program, to encourage the use of more efficient heating technologies. The acronym stands for Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning and Italy is among the five member countries involved, together with Portugal, Spain, France and Germany, with the partnership ofAssotermica, Enea and Eurac Research.

HARP’s goal

HARP‘s goal is to directly sensitize the end user, letting them know the benefits of replacing old space heating appliances and for the production of domestic hot water, with more performing ones. It’s estimated, in fact, that out of 126 million boilers installed in the European Union, 60% is inefficient, with an energy class C or lower, probably with an age of over 15, and that 84% is powered by fossil fuels.

Often, consumers are not aware of the inefficiency of their heating systems, tending to replace them only at the time of a failure, otherwise considering it a complicated and expensive operation, thus ignoring the potential economic and environmental savings achievable with a new generation appliance. .


The HARPa application

The project aims to “teach” consumers to read the boiler’s energy label, and then invite them to analyze and replace the current heating appliance, if obsolete and inefficient, thanks to an online application, nicknamed HARPa.The tool is available in two versions, a base one for consumers and an advanced one dedicated to professionals, with more detailed information on the replacement solutions suited to customer needs.

To obtain the energy label of your boiler it will be sufficient:

  • Connect to the site https://heating-retrofit.eu/harp-app/
  • Fill in the simple information requested
  • Generate the energy label of your boiler or heat pump
  • Calculate the available options by answering a few questions about your home

At this point, the application will propose several alternatives, in terms of cost optimization, energy consumption and CO2 production.

For each option, it will be possible to go into even more detail (by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the alternatives): the program will also provide an estimate of the costs associated with the current heating system (energy consumption, maintenance, etc.) and a overview of the most efficient alternatives currently available on the market, along with their benefits.

To know more

In Italy, further information is available on the Assotermica website, both for end consumers and for professionals in the sector, since the efficiency of existing appliances requires greater awareness of all the actors involved, in order to obtain the desired result. Discover your national contact point for your Country here: https://heating-retrofit.eu/about/

HARP’s goal

In three years, the HARP project expects to involve 1.5 million consumers and, consequently, 10,000 people could decide to make their heating system more efficient.

Furthermore, the incentives and financial mechanisms available at national level will soon be indicated to motivate citizens to replace existing appliances with more efficient ones.

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