As we have already seen in the previous article dedicated to the choice of the room thermostat for classic systems with radiators or on underfloor, today we continue to examine which device is more suitable for regulating the temperature if you have chosen to combine a heating and cooling systems.

Thermostats for heat pump heating and cooling systems

Increasingly, it is chosen to combine a cooling system with a heating system with an installation of a heat pump.

Heat pump systems are the most complex, but certainly the most efficient and environmentally compatible. The installation costs to date are very high and generally the end user has an advanced control unit capable of carrying out temperature programming and diagnostics of the system. In any case, you can use the classic thermostats or chronothermostats that we have seen in this post, depending on the usage habits, to be able to control the various areas of the home.

Thermostat for heating and cooling systems on classic systems or with fan coil units

As for classic systems combined with an air conditioning system, or for floor systems with the dual function of heating and cooling, the recommendations here apply.

In the case of installing radiators and fan coils, there are dedicated products, through which it’s also possible to adjust the fan coil fan speed and they can be mechanical with summer / winter selector to set the different operating mode (FAN TA3) o electronic devices capable of controlling the automatic hot / cold operating mode through a minimum probe, and consequently the opening and closing of the solenoid valves (FAN 503 built-in).

Radio, smart home and wi-fi thermostats

The IMIT Techno range of thermostats and chronothermostats is also available in the radio version. Read the benefits in our dedicated article. A separate reasoning, however, must be made for thermostats that are controlled via wi-fi: our range will be updated soon. We invite you to follow our LinkedIn page, so you can follow the next updates.

Which thermostat to choose for classic or underfloor heating only systems?

If, on the other hand, you have a system that manages heating only (with radiators or underfloor), please read our article dedicated to the topic!

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