Have you ever thought about replacing your thermostat with a radio thermostat? Today we explain why it could be a smart choice for your home or office.

The advantages of radio thermostats

Radio thermostats are a valid solution when you decide to change the location of the thermostat, even in rooms where it was not provided, or to create more areas with different comfort requirements in the house. To install a battery-powered radio thermostat model, in fact, it is not necessary to pull the power cables, but simply place the device where you want. Or, in the case of a 220V powered model, find a “fruit” box for housing at least 150 cm from the ground, with only the predisposition for the power supply (without, therefore, the connection to the boiler). The radio thermostats also allow you to create multiple zones by connecting the receiver to the corresponding zone valve. Once the thermostat has been positioned, simply install the receiver under the boiler.

How a radio thermostat works

In these thermostats, the relay is not located inside the appliance, but on the receiver in the kit. The receiver is connected directly under the boiler and has the task of opening / closing the boiler contact based on the signals received from the thermostat, the set programming or the temperature detected in the room. The signal is transmitted thanks to a radio frequency of 868.00 MHz.

Does a radio thermostat interfere with other signals?

This is a question we often get and the answer is no. Each IMIT thermostat, in fact, has an enhanced radio signal that reaches up to 50 meters inside and each thermostat shares a unique radio code with its receiver, which allows both not to carry out any type of additional operation during installation, because they leave the factory already coupled, and also to have more receivers in the same room, as happens in zone systems or with radiant underfloor systems.

Is the radio signal safe?

The radio signal of IMIT thermostats is at low frequency and subject, like all our products, to safety checks. It does not create interference with wi-fi devices or other radio signals.

The IMIT range of radio thermostats

The IMIT range of thermostats and chronothermostats is also available in the radio version, as well as all IMIT Silver S and IMIT Orion range products. All products are available in the kit, already in combination with the respective RCV receiver. Also, in case of failure, the receiver can be replaced individually by resetting the pairing code.

To find out more, browse our site, download our catalog or consult a preview of the instruction manuals of our products for home and office comfort and understand the one that best suits you. For further requests, send an email toinfo@imit.it. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.