You are choosing a new room thermostat or chronothermostat, and you have come across the acronym “TPI”.

What does TPI mean?

TPI stands for Time Proportional and Integral, a technology that allows the heating or cooling unit to turn on for a shorter time, while keeping the room at the selected temperature and ensuring the best energy efficiency possible by the system.

Room thermostats using TPI technology are ErP class IV and can predict when and how soon the room temperature will go above or below the set temperature and switch the heating or cooling unit on and off accordingly, without a jump in temperature.

How does TPI technology work?

Thanks to the algorithm present in the software, the thermostat with TPI technology adapts to the change in temperature of the environment in which it is located. By creating a room temperature graph, it gradually learns how long it takes to reach the desired room temperature and how to maintain it. In this way, it allows for minimum energy consumption by calculating how long your heating or cooling unit should run.

With or without?

In room thermostats without TPI, the heating/cooling unit runs and stops continuously until the set temperature value is exceeded. If the set temperature drops below a certain value, the heating/cooling unit will work again. This creates greater temperature fluctuations and less energy control. The TPI room thermostats, on the other hand, guarantee greater savings and comfort compared to classic room thermostats, with the resulting advantages. The TPI control strategy reduces the average water temperature in the system, improves the accuracy of room temperature control and increases system efficiency.

The TPI graph

The TPI room thermostat or chronothermostat performs a series of calculations in which it evaluates the duration of the system ignition to reach and maintain the set temperature. The calculation is based on the previously learned characteristics of the room in which the thermostat is located and the current measured temperature. The TPI algorithm creates a general graph of room temperature, and learns how long it takes to reach the set room temperature and how to maintain it.

Often the quality and accuracy of the room thermostat is underestimated. In reality, replacing a thermostat with a more performing one offers a number of advantages when you want to improve the heating system, as well as correct programming, zone management and boiler regulation.

Thermostats with TPI control allow you to further optimize these processes, keeping the boiler on only as long as necessary, improving energy savings. Among the IMIT products with TPI control you will find Chronomix-S, Techno Duo, Techno WPT OT and Techno App and, soon, also the new Silver S series.

IMIT is committed to promoting new technologies of climate comfort, through room thermostats with TPI or OpenTherm protocol and a series of products dedicated to renewable energy, to protect the environment and for a more responsible consumption of resources.

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