OpenTherm is a communication protocol born in 1996 to make boilers, air conditioners, and thermostats communicate with each other, even from different manufacturers. The advantage of OpenTherm is maximum compatibility: the devices are able to exchange information relating to room temperature, flame modulation in specific boilers, thus overcoming the simple on/off state of the system.

What changes for comfort?

As we know, the comfort in home or office can greatly improve thanks to a more accurate control, adaptable to the needs of the end customer, the time of day and the people present in. But sometimes a simple programming of the chronothermostat or a home automation system is not enough. It is necessary that all the devices involved “speak the same language”, so as to ensure greater control, less wear on the devices, and significant energy savings.

By installing devices that communicate with each other thanks to OpenTherm, a more targeted response to requests for heating and cooling is achieved.

The benefits for the consumer

By reducing the boiler ignitions, the first advantage is undoubtedly the energy-saving, estimated at about 4% in the bill. And its reliability over time and the life cycle of the product are also increased.

Another important factor is remote control: not only the current situation, programming, breakdowns, but also during assistance, to which any error codes can be transmitted, both from the thermostat and from the boiler.

Furthermore, since OpenTherm is a transversal protocol, there is the possibility of having more choice among the different manufacturers: it is in fact possible to choose different brands of boiler, air conditioner, and thermostat depending on aesthetic, functional, and practical factors related to the offer on the market, destined to progressively increase.

IMIT and OpenTherm

For all these reasons, we are thrilled to inform you that the OpenTherm protocol is now available on our new IMIT Orion, and that we are working to adapt all production to this important “language of comfort”.

IMIT is committed day by day to promote new technologies of climatic comfort, through a series of products dedicated to renewable energy, efficient programming of home and office comfort, and accurate control of the thermal plant, for the protection of our planet.

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