IMIT presents the new FAN/503S, one of the novelties of this autumn 2021: a DIN 503 built-in regulator to make easier to adjust fan-coils, even with inverter motors, improving home comfort and office.

FAN/503S and FAN 503 in comparison

In addition to the simplicity of installation and use, which we have always put in our products, the new FAN/503S is the evolution of the previous FAN 503, equipped with the main functions for the management and control of 2 solenoid valves (hot and cold) for systems with 2 or 4 pipes.

The novelties introduced in the FAN/503S are the backlit display and a version specifically designed to control the inverter motors of the fan-coils, with consequent energy and economic savings: rather than activating fixed fan-coil fan speeds, the new regulator will be able to modulate the speed according to the needs of the end user.

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The FAN/503S range

The range includes 2 versions, both compatible with most of the plates on the market:

  • 3-speed fan motor controller @ 230V (classic applications)
  • 0-10V modulating brushless fan motor controller (inverter)

Where to find them?

FAN/503S will be available shortly by contacting our agents or our Sales Department.

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