As we have already seen in this article, there are numerous advantages in choosing a fan-coil as a heating system, but also a type of technology like this needs to be renewed, to improve, especially with an eye to the environment and energy saving.

The inverter motors 

Inside the household appliances, there are different types of electric motors, both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC), most operating with the ON / OFF logic. This is where the so-called inverter comes into play: an electronic component capable of transforming direct current into alternating current, varying the frequency and voltage at will, and consequently, the speed of the motor on which it operates.

In devices such as the fan-coil, it is easy to understand how the motor speed is what determines the cooling or heating required by the user.

A traditional fan-coil operates at a fixed speed, heating or cooling until the set temperature is reached. At this point, the engine switches off and when the temperature drops or rises again, it switches on again. This system is very simple, but its main flaw is to always make the motor work at maximum power, consuming more, leaving the user the possibility, however limited, of being able to intervene on the fan speed, to maintain a little more stable temperature in the room.

With the inverter, on the other hand, the motor works continuously and with variable energy demand according to actual needs, maintaining the temperature through small compensations of absorbed power.

The advantages of inverter fan-coils

The advantages of mounting an inverter motor on a fan coil are obvious:

  • Consumption reduction up to 40%.
  • Continuous temperature regulation, without unpleasant temperature changes.
  • Reduced noise of the device, because it works on maintenance.
  • Greater reliability: there is no mechanical stress when starting the engine, which will have a longer life cycle.


The IMIT range of fan-coil controllers is updated!

To contribute more and more to reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment, our range of fan-coil controllers has been adapted to the modular 0-10V temperature management, to work also with low voltage inverter motors: discover the new FAN/503S at this link.

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