In this article, we anticipate some of the new features planned for 2023, which will mainly concern the range of products for home and office thermoregulation and which you will soon also find in our catalog and on our online channels.

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New Silver S line

After two years since the Silver line first appeared in our range, it has been renewed, making some changes capable of improving home comfort.

In fact, the new IMIT Silver S line will be distinguished by the presence of the TPI algorithm within the software, which will allow the device to predict how long it takes for the room temperature to go above or below the set temperature, guaranteeing the minimum energy consumption.

The simplicity of installation and use, which characterized the first version of the range, will remain unchanged.

The models available will be:

  • SILVER TA S: digital room thermostat
  • SILVER TA/RF S: digital radio room thermostat
  • SILVER CR S: weekly digital chronothermostat
  • SILVER CR/RF S: weekly radio chronothermostat

To find out more, we invite you to read our article: What advantages does the TPI offer in a room thermostat?

New Orion OT

After the success of the Techno WPT OT, the first ErP V class thermostat by IMIT, we have studied a new device capable of combining aesthetics, ease of use, accessibility to programming and energy saving, thanks to the use of the OpenTherm protocol.

In particular, the advantages of Orion OT will be:

  • Class V ErP
  • OpenTherm protocol
  • estimated energy savings of 4%
  • daily or weekly programming
  • 24 microswitches for programming in 30-minute steps
  • 2 settable temperatures
  • blue backlit LCD display
  • elegant design

The models available will be:

  • Orion DAY/OT: OpenTherm daily chronothermostat
  • Orion WEEK/OT: OpenTherm weekly chronothermostat

To learn more, we invite you to read our article: What is OpenTherm?

The Orion series

The Orion series will not be just OT. In fact, if your boiler or air conditioner is not compatible, you can still choose from the following models.

  • Orion DAY Daily On/Off
  • Orion DAY/RF Daily On/Off Radio
  • Orion WEEK Weekly On/Off
  • Orion WEEK/RF Weekly On/Off Radio

Product Range 2023

April is approaching! And the usual appointment will be renewed with the publication of our new 2023 catalog which will contain these and other news. In fact, IMIT produces over 1,600 finished products and 11,000 semi-finished products and this publication always remains a point of reference for the home and industrial thermoregulation market.

Amazon Italy, Amazon France and Amazon Germany

IMIT, for some years now, has made some of its products available on its Amazon Store dedicated to the Italian market. We have decided to extend our marketplace to France and Germany as well, with an offer dedicated to the most interesting products for these geographical areas. The respective stores are currently under construction, with limited codes available, but you will soon find the 2023 novelties listed here also available for online purchase.

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