IMIT’s first Class V chronothermostat has arrived, compatible with Italian Ecobonus 65% or Superbonus 110%: it is called Techno WPT OT and combines programming simplicity with energy savings of approximately 4% on each bill.

Techno WPT becomes OT

Our ErP V Class chronothermostat was born as an evolution of one of our most popular products for ease of installation and use, Techno WPT*, while maintaining its distinctive characteristics.

In particular, the advantages of Techno WPT OT are:

  • Class V ErP
  • OpenTherm protocol
  • estimated energy savings of 4%
  • remote control
  • weekly programming
  • 3 settable temperatures
  • blue backlit LCD display
  • +/- keys always accessible

* The classic version will however remain available.

IMIT and OpenTherm

This innovation is made possible by the OpenTherm protocol: a communication system that allows the programmable chronothermostat or room thermostat to communicate with boilers, air conditioners, even from different manufacturers. An OpenTherm thermostat is therefore able to receive and send information relating to the ambient temperature, the modulation of the flame in specific boilers, thus overcoming the simple on/off state of the system, and above all obtaining a more targeted (and economic) response to heating requests.

Another advantage, moreover, is the remote control, to manage the current situation and programming.

We are proud to be among the first manufacturers to offer a thermostat that meets these requirements and we can anticipate that Techno WPT OT will be only the first of our products to take advantage of this protocol: more news are on the way!

Superbonus and Ecobonus

So, if you are carrying out or intend to carry out energy redevelopment or renovation, and you meet the requirements to take advantage of the Italian Superbonus 110%, you can include Techno WPT OT in your project and benefit from the benefits.

Or, alternatively, take advantage of the Italian Ecobonus in any case, which allows you to save 65% on all Class V products.

Where to find it?

Techno WPT OT is available by contacting our agents or resellers.

To find out more, download the technical data sheet of the new Class V thermostat, browse our website, our catalog or consult a preview of the instruction manuals of our products for home and office comfort. For further requests, send an email to Our staff will reply as soon as possible.