This year the IMIT brand celebrates 105 years, a milestone that few companies in the world have had the opportunity to achieve! When a brand goes through such a challenging century (and recent events have taught us this), it means that it has left its mark. Our history is made up of work and commitment, challenges won, successes achieved, difficulties faced, problems overcome, always with the desire to improve and grow in a dynamic and complex market: that of thermoregulation.

From the genius of one, the work of many

  • In 1917, in Turin, Mario Zucco founded IMIT, acronym for “Il Manometro Italiano Torino” and began the production of measuring instruments for the automotive, naval and medical sectors.
  • In the early 1920s, the company moved to Milan and began the production of pressure gauges, with increasingly sophisticated models for increasingly modern applications.
  • In the 1930s, IMIT diversified its production with bimetallic thermostats and thermometers, but on 15 August 1943 (precisely Mario Zucco’s birthday) a bombing destroyed the plant and the founder moved with his family to Castelletto Sopra Ticino, the current location. of the company.
  • In the 1950s, with the economic and civil recovery of the Second World War, the manufacture of thermostats began. Cultural evolution and technologies, in those years, continued hand in hand and our products became central elements in the management of industrial plants and in everyday life.
  • In the 1970s, IMIT further specialized in the design and production of thermostats and fluid expansion measuring instruments for temperature control.
  • In the 1980s, IMIT also began to acquire a great deal of experience in the electronic field, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment for temperature management, in particular chronothermostats. Just think that the word “chronothermostat” did not exist, before IMIT.
  • In the 90s, technological evolution pushes IMIT to combine classical electromechanical products with electronic equipment and systems and to develop applications for the regulation of comfort and for renewable energy sources.
  • In 1991, IMIT was the first company in the sector to obtain UNI-EN-ISO 9001 certification and in 2019 we obtained certification according to UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2015, renewed without any non-compliance also for 2021.
  • IMIT products comply with product certifications according to different needs: CE, ENEC, UL, DIN, EAC…, thus making Quality a guideline for moving into this market, and guaranteeing safety, comfort and assistance to the final customer.
  • IMIT is present on the international market thanks to a widespread network of customers, agents and distributors, with a wide range of products, the result of more than 70 patents and utility models.

Imagine a boiler, an air conditioner, a washing machine, an oven, or the comfort you find when returning home: what would they be without temperature regulation? At the heart of these devices there is our work.

The era of sharing

More than a hundred years in the field of thermoregulation have allowed IMIT to set aside a wealth of experience, often receiving questions about which room thermostat was most suitable for different types of systems or habits, or which component we regularly supply to the appliances industry and heating is more efficient for a given installation.

In the era of sharing, IMIT has therefore decided to make this information accessible to all through a dedicated blog, social networks (LinkedIn in primis) and the platform dedicated to instruction manuals, working more and more to enhance the experience as a resource and technology as a means. IMIT has also made some of its products available on its dedicated Amazon Store.

IMIT today

Despite the difficulties, in all these years we have done nothing but become more and more fond of our work: we have converted our passions into products capable of satisfying any system and lifestyle need, creating them with ingenuity and determination.

105 years later, we can say that IMIT Control System is the leading Italian company in the thermoregulation sector: it produces over 5,000,000 thermostats a year and manages over 3,700 finished product codes. IMIT Control System has 130 employees in the historic headquarters in Italy and a production unit in Tunisia with 60 employees. Its reference market has historically been shared almost equally between industry and distribution, with over 300 active customers. We help large manufacturers achieve excellent results with our components, entering the homes of millions of people.

Our range is divided between different product families, dedicated to the industry as for the private user: thermostats and programmable thermostats, control units for fan-coils and thermo-fireplaces / thermo-stoves, devices for the central heating system, instruments, such as thermometers and pressure gauges, up to the hydraulic modules, promoting new technologies of climatic comfort both nationally and European, in close collaboration with the sector Associations.

And many other innovations are being studied and designed, to ensure constant updating of the production line, always with a growing vocation for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

We have not aged: we have grown up

This further anniversary could not have been achieved without the contribution of our customers, our suppliers and, above all, our employees and collaborators. Thank you, therefore, because teamwork has represented the trump card of this long journey and remains the indispensable condition for us to continue to honor Italian industry around the world. In recent years everything has changed, but the IMIT brand has remained appreciated everywhere.

To stay up to date on the latest news, follow us on our LinkedIn page or propose a topic by writing your request to or preview the instruction manuals of our products for home and office comfort. For further requests, send an email to Our staff will reply as soon as possible.