What thermostats and instruments are needed in equipment dedicated to industrial washing? Professional dishwashers, glass washers, sterilizers … The regulation and control devices inserted inside these equipment allow correct temperature management, which is essential for the treatment of fabrics or for the sterilization of dishes or medical or paramedical devices.

Also in this case, the choice of the right instrumentation in the design phase of the product, allows to provide the final consumer with a reliable and safe device, which reduces the working, economic or hygiene risks. In fact, just try to think about the damage caused by washing fabrics at a too high temperature, or on the contrary to try to sterilize dishes or objects at a lower temperature, especially in a delicate period for our health like this.

Equipment for industrial washing equipment

Industrial washing machines, dishwashers and sterilizers therefore require an adjustment tool, such as a capillary thermoregulator. And sometimes a safety check is also necessary, guaranteed by a capillary safety limiter, able to avoid overheating and dangerous malfunctions for the device.

The IMIT TR2 capillary thermoregulator, for example, can be used to regulate the water or steam temperature inside the washing machines in which they are installed, while the LS1 limiter is used for the safety of the entire machine: in the event of operating overtemperature, the safety limiter opens the electrical contact, effectively shutting down the machine and bringing it back to the correct operating temperature level.

Accessory tools

In addition to safety thermoregulators and capillary thermoregulators, thermometers, pressure gauges or thermohygrometers can be installed on industrial washing equipment, for immediate display of the temperature and internal pressure of the device.

The IMIT range for industrial washing

IMIT capillary thermostats and instruments, like all our products, meet the most stringent national and international regulatory references, guaranteeing the manufacturer of industrial washing or sterilization equipment maximum safety, reliability and quality. In particular, the LS1 capillary limiters have “positive safety” or the ability to interrupt the power supply to the machine in the event of a mechanical failure of the thermostat itself (for example, cutting the capillary).

For over 40 years, capillary thermostats have been among our best-selling products with over 7,000 catalog codes divided according to:

  • required intervention temperatures (from -30°C to 300°C)
  • material (copper and stainless steel)
  • bulb and / or capillary length
  • arrangement of electrical contacts
  • type of installation.

IMIT products comply with European Directives and their use is also approved on equipment for the US, British and Canadian markets, and are certified according to the highest international standards: CE, ENEC, PED, TUV, UL, CSA, EAC, DIN.

To find out more about our products, browse our website and download our catalogue. For further requests during the design phase or commercial information for the industrial sector, send an email to info@imit.it. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.