Fire Water HID (Human Interface Device) is an electronic regulator for thermo-fireplaces, thermo-stove and thermo-heaters, useful for the direct management of circulators, diverter valves and for switching between the gas heating system and the chosen biomass source.

Fire Water HID for biomass system

In the case of a biomass-only system, when the fireplace, kitchen or stove are put into operation, the temperature probe supplied with Fire Water HID detects the heat produced and activates a circulation pump. The hot water produced by the biomass source is sent directly to the heating system, thus obtaining the right environmental comfort in all domestic environments.

Fire Water HID for combined systems between gas and biomass boiler

In this case, in addition to the biomass heat source, there is also a gas boiler as the primary source of heating.

Fire Water HID activates the first circulation pump of the fireplace when a first set temperature is reached, feeding the primary circuit (fireplace) inside the heat exchanger, while, at a second set temperature (warmer than the first), activates the second pump of the heating system, powered by the primary circuit.

Once the fireplace is switched off, the AUX contact connected in series to the boiler room thermostat activates the latter again in the event of a heating request: this automatic management of the two heat sources allows considerable energy and economic savings, optimizing comfort.

Warning! To ensure, however, that the powers of the two sources are not added together, thus exceeding 35 kW, it is necessary to install a heat exchanger or a hydraulic interface module on the system, following the advice of your trusted technician.

The range of electronic controllers for fireplaces, thermo-heaters, thermo-stoves

The IMIT range of regulators for biomass sources, IMQ certified according to ENEC03, includes:

  • Fire Water HID Simple, able to manage the circulator of a heating system and complete with manual activation of a “grill” rotisserie motor, in the case of heating cookers or fireplaces that allow it.
  • Fire Water HID, which can manage up to 3 inputs for temperature probes, the circulator of a water heating system and an additional primary circuit circulator (fireplace/thermo-stove), a 3-way diverter valve, a flow switch/flow meter and an auxiliary exchange contact. In addition, 7 different operating logics are pre-set depending on the system to be managed.

In both models, thanks to the display and the LEDs indicating the active outputs, the operating parameters can be constantly displayed.

Fire Water HID Simple and Fire Water HID can be customized, in hardware and software, according to the customer’s needs and for this reason they can be used in a myriad of applications.

Anti-legionella function

Legionella is the bacterium that causes a disease, legionellosis, which can mainly affect the respiratory system with even acute forms of pneumonia. It can be contracted by inhaling particles of water or stagnant liquids, where this bacillus proliferates.

The anti-legionella function is integrated on the Fire Water HID and can be activated by setting the following parameters via the installer menu:

  • frequency of operation: from 1 to 7 days
  • temperature setting between 60-80°C
  • activation time between 10-30 minutes.

Ask your installer for more information.

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