Unfortunately, environment and industry do not get along very well, and for a company like ours that produces electromechanical components, the challenge is even more difficult. However, our commitment is and will always be to be more attentive in all production processes, day after day, also respecting the community that welcomes us.

Recyclable products

Our products are made of almost totally recyclable materials, such as plastics and metals, and all disposal indications are clearly indicated, so at the end of their life cycle, our products can be recovered and transformed again.

Likewise, we are limiting plastic packaging to a minimum, in favor of recyclable paper and cardboard.

Online manuals

For some years now, we have been reducing the paper manuals within our products to a minimum, in favor of online consultation on our dedicated website, where we also welcome reports from our customers. In this way, the instructions are always updated, available in up to 10 different languages ​​and can be consulted from any device.

We have also enriched the download section of our site, significantly reducing the printing of brochures and catalogs.

Environment and production

We are proud to say that we have always been very attentive to the control of waste in our production department, thanks to a careful process of recovery and reworking of waste. In this way we are able to recover 100% of the metals and 95% of all the pieces rejected automatically by the machines during the entire production process.


To power the company and the production departments, we installed an electronic system for leveling energy consumption and power factor correction, while the utilities for the supply of electricity and gas are managed through the Consortium of Confindustria Novara Vercelli Valsesia.

The Consortium selects supplier companies for us, with particular attention to those that use renewable energy.


Furthermore, the differentiated collection practiced throughout the plant provides for multiple waste codes (not only generics, paper, plastic, metal …), so that waste products can be recycled more easily by the different associations we collaborate with, in many cases outdoing the requirements of current regulations.


Due to the nature of our processes, the emissions of our production department do not produce significant environmental impacts, recording values ​​similar to urban ones, and the noise threshold for monitoring noise pollution is constantly taken under control.

Fire prevention

In recent years, numerous interventions have been carried out to prevent fires, equipping the production with self-extinguishing equipment and carefully training all personnel in prevention and first aid, recently renewing our Fire Prevention Certificate, to minimize accidents and environmental risks.

Reference regulations for the protection of the environment

Our Quality Department constantly monitors the news in terms of environmental legislation and the European reference standards, working to quickly adapt production processes and best practices, often foreseeing requests and deadlines.

All our processes and products are RoHS compliant, REACH chemicals regulation, and SCIP notification, in compliance with the Waste Directive.

IMIT is committed to safeguarding the environment in its production cycle and promotes new technologies of climate comfort, through a series of products dedicated to renewable energies, for a more responsible consumption of resources.

To find out more, browse our website or download our catalog. For further requests, send an email to info@imit.it. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.