One hundred years in the field of thermoregulation have allowed us to put aside a good wealth of experience!

We produce over 5,000,000 thermostats a year and manage over 3,700 finished product codes, and often our e-mail or our sales team receive questions about which room thermostat is best suited to the different types of system or habit, or which component we regularly supply to the appliance and heating industry is more performing for a given installation.

In the era of sharing, we, therefore, decided to make this information accessible to all through this new media. In addition to our website, our catalog or the platform dedicated to instruction manuals, we present our blog!

The blog has been divided according to areas of expertise, which reflect those of the product area on our site. You will, therefore, find the sections HOME, INDUSTRY, RENEWABLE ENERGY and NEWS.

  • Home: you will find everything related to room thermostats, chronothermostats, fan-coil regulators and home automation, advice and tips for choosing the product and for installation.
  • Industry: the most technical section of our blog will deal with components dedicated to industrial installation, such as capillary thermoregulators and safety limiters, thermometers, manometers, thermomanometers, boxed regulation and safety thermostats for thermal power plants.
  • Renewable energy: several years ago we understood the importance of eco-sustainable technologies, offering manufacturers and customers electronic regulators for fireplaces, heating stoves, hydraulic interfacing modules, accessories for biomass plants
  • News: our company is an active part of Assotermica, an Italian association, federated with ANIMA Confindustria, and we will use this section to talk about news about it, but also to offer interesting ideas for debate on new technologies in the field of thermoregulation.

The IMIT blog is just born and we will try to enrich it week after week with interesting content. Follow us on our LinkedIn page to be updated on the latest articles, or propose a topic by writing your request to

We are working more and more to enhance experience as a resource and technology as the way.