IMIT is pleased to present its new line of room thermostats and programmable thermostats: Silver.

Leafing through our new 2021 product range, an unmissable event this season, many have noticed the presence of Silver TA and Silver CR, the new proposal to make the adjustment of home and office comfort even easier and more intuitive.

Essential design

In addition to the ease of installation and use, which we have always sought in our range of products, the IMIT Silver line is characterized by a clean and minimal design. The bright white of the product is effortlessly combined with any type of furniture and the silver pad printing, which inspired the name, gives a touch of elegance to the whole, even in its essentiality.

The Silver range

The range includes four products:

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Silver TA and Silver TA/RF

As promised, Silver TA is a simple and easy to use digital room thermostat, in which the temperature is adjusted by an external knob. It’s ideal for small rooms, when temperature programming is not necessary or to manage temperature variations in delimited areas. It is equipped with a large backlit LCD display in which the detected room temperature and set temperature are always clearly visible. The flame symbol will show you if the boiler is working to reach the desired temperature. An additional status icon will notify you when to replace the batteries. It includes the Antifreeze function and allows temperature calibration with a range of ± 8°C.

Silver TA/RF has the same characteristics as the wired version, with all the advantages of a radio thermostat.

Silver CR and Silver CR/RF

SILVER CR, on the other hand, is a weekly programmable chronothermostat. The backlit LCD display shows the detected temperature, time and set temperature, active operating mode and the time programming in use. It is possible to choose between 3 different preset programs (Comfort, Economy and Holiday) as well as the possibility of setting a manual or weekly program customized in 1 hour steps, on two temperature levels (comfort and reduced, day and night). Like all our products, it includes the Antifreeze function and allows temperature calibration with a range of ± 8°C.

Silver CR/RF has the same features as the wired version, but with all the advantages of a radio chronothermostat.

Where to find them?

If you are thinking of replacing your thermostat or chronothermostat, we advise you to read our article before choosing among the products currently available on our Amazon store, or contact your trusted technician to install IMIT Silver in your home!

To find out more, download the IMIT Silver brochure, our catalog or consult a preview of the instruction manuals of our products for home and office comfort. For further requests, send an email to Our staff will reply as soon as possible.